5 Reasons to Adopt a Green Cheek Conure

If you're looking to adopt a parrot, you may have noticed that there are hundreds of different types. Between all the macaws, African Grey parrots, and collective spirits, and Amazons, which you choose? While all parrot species have Their positive and negative sides, the following are five good reasons to adopt a sweet and loving green cheek conure.
  1. They're quiet. My aunt once told me that when her sun conure started screaming, you could hear him through several cinderblocks and all the way down the street. I hear similar tales of woe from large parrot owners and especially cockatoo owners. Since all birds scream when  happy, sad, bored, or just whatever the hell they feel like it, it's important to adopt a bird that won't blow your eardrums out. So I got a little green cheek conure, whose loudest scream only gets up to 40 dB, or about the volume of a vacuum cleaner.
  2. They can be potty trained. Even smart dogs can take hundreds of dollars in dog treats and lots and lots of hair tearing frustration just to go potty outside. In comparison, it's easier to train a green cheek conure to go potty, since you know when they go. Just watch for their potty dance, which is a combination of backwards dance moves and tail raising. When you see they're about to blow, simply place them on top of their cage, let them do their business, give them a treat, and click with a training clicker. Eventually, they'll start to associate the training clicker with treats and going potty, so that if you want them to go to the bathroom, all you have to do is click your clicker and they'll fly off to their cage to do it.
  3. They bond with you. I've owned cats and dogs, turtles, various reptiles, bunny rabbits, mice, and one llama in my 40 years of life, but none can compare to my little green cheek conure. When I ate my cereal, she was there dipping her beak in. When I worked at home, she was always on my shoulder waiting for a scritch. And when I washed my hands, she would start cleaning in her water dish. Birds are incredibly sociable animals, and their bond with humans is hard to beat. If you want a pet that will stick to you like glue for over 25 years, be at your side constantly, and love you even more than a dog, adopt a baby green cheek conure.
  4. They're inexpensive. Yes, some potential owners will be taken aback by the price of vegetables that birds need to stay healthy. Others might be deterred by the price of a large flight cage, which helps stimulate your birds mind and give them exercise. But after the initial expense of bird equipment, green cheek Conuers don't cost that much over their lifetime. I bought a simple bell toy on eBay that lasted five years, cost two dollars, and gave my green cheek conure hours of entertainment every day. Compare that with a larger parrot species, Whose powerful beak can destroy a $20.00 wooden balsa toy in one day, and green cheek Conyers are not that expensive. You can also buy frozen mixed bags of peas and will carrots at 1 pound per dollar for that cheapest storebrand. So I got a green cheek Conure that needed a home a home – and I regretted it a lot less than purchasing that expensive "Cat Genie " that promised I would never need to clean my litter box again.
  5. They're super cute:
And who can argue with cute?

So adopt a baby green cheek conure. Or better yet, adopt a shelter bird, since there are so many sitting in shelters without a home because people adopt and don't know what they're getting into. You could just save a bird's life.
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